Sun Powered Queensland Summit

The Sun Powered Queensland Summit was held Brisbane in November 2017 and attended by over 100 people. The event brought together community groups, businesses, workers and experts from across Queensland - and interstate - to discuss the best pathways to move Queensland to a renewable energy future, where everyone, everywhere can power their lives with clean energy.  Below is a collection of just some of the fantastic presentations given on the day. 


People Powered Energy Revolution

Community Energy Projects

Price Impacts of Election Policies

Farmers Embracing Renewables

Removing Roadblocks

Getting to 100% Renewable Energy in Queensland

Port Augusta Success Story

Community Energy in Queensland

New Energy Opportunities for Queensland

Renewables Superpower

Benefits of Battery Storage

Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Equity and Affordability

Farmers and Renewables in Queensland

Impacts on Jobs and Economy

Victoria Success Story

Zero Emissions Byron

Zero Emissions Noosa

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